In Here The Sun Shines So Bright – From The “Burning Gold” Memories.

Looking in from the outer, I see some tentative improvement on “The Group”. At least a few more memories are filtering through and the admins at SMOG (well, more accurately, the admins at SMO via SMOG…same admins? Dunno) at least asked for some participation and contributions from fans yesterday.
It may have legs yet. I still need convincing.
In the meantime, the memories shared by the North American fans and by those who travelled to the USA and Canada to see a gig or gigs have been great to see. Some wonderful phots and videos shared.
In amongst the ones I saw yesterday was this amazing snap of Jim by Cody Fulfer. Wonderful stuff.

Simple Minds US/Canada Tour Dates Announced!

The tour is happening in September/October – (as of today) culminating in Vancouver on the 29th – just TWO DAYS before my birthday, OH, HOW I WISH! Although, the one four days prior to that in San Francisco would be the one I’d REALLY WANT to go to. But unless I win the lottery? Nope! Geez! I’ve been to Paris this year already, and will being going back to France in the summer, so I can hardly complain.
But you bloody lucky North Americans get bloody MEET AND GREET AND SOUNDCHECK opportunities! You jammy bloody sods!
Anyways…full dates and ticket details can be seen by clicking the picture. You can also visit and keep up to date via their social media.