The Barricade?

This really is just HOW CRUEL life can be. This man gets to see a 5×5 gig with NO CONCEPT as to what it actually is…and why he didn’t hear Don’t You!
If I could ever swap with anybody for a place at a 5×5 gig, it would be him…as he OBVIOUSLY did not deserve (in MY humble opinion) to be there. Sorry mate, but…COME ON! *facpalm*

Oh, You Pretty Thing

Today has not been good (perhaps the odd ranty post gave a clue to that!).
I need cheering up, so I am going to share this lovely photo by Ullstein Bild – for several reasons:
1) The 5×5 tour was frigging awesome (but I wasn’t a mega fan then – ETERNAL regret).
2) Stadtpark looked like a particularly amazing gig (I’ve seen bits of footage over time…an outdoor venue that looked amazingly intimate. Wunderbar!).
3) I love that inky shirt Jim wears (though you can’t really see it in this).
4) He looks happy and… **sigh** and, well, I don’t usually need an excuse to ogle, but if I need one – today I just needed it (to ogle, that is).