Nothing Has Ever Felt So Good…

As that…”embrace”. I genuinely never wanted it to end! I’m ssooo glad this photo exists because I never wanted this moment to end…and at least with the magic of photography, in a sense that moment WILL last forever. I’ll never forget the feeling of it, ever.
And…it feels like it was a time in which he liked me.
Today, looking back at these photos and memories – seeing a bit of FB Live filming I did from the seafront – I really, REALLY regret letting Jim walk by as he passed me on the promenade. HE BLOODY WAVED AT ME! I’m such a fucking idiot! Lol. I don’t know what he thought afterwards. Lol. Maybe he was walking along thinking “I thought this chick was into me? She cannae be that much.” Lol
Something of the type must have crossed his mind as, later, just a few moments before this photo was taken when Adrian (the photobomber) had asked if he could have a photo with Jim, Jim replied, “Sure. She (looking at me) doesn’t want one.” Sadly I remember my rather pathetic “I do!” reply. Lol. I still wish I had said “And a photo! BOOM BOOM!” I mean, shit, he even set the innuendo up for me and I didn’t even bite! Lol.
Too awestruck. Dumbstruck.
Dumb fuck! Lol
Anyway…Bridlington 2017 will remain forever special.
Halcyon days.

Happy Anniversary Bristol Toblerones – Plural…

Tonight, one year ago…yet ANOTHER dream was fulfilled. I never thought it possible! Surely ONE dream in a week being fulfilled is enough? Actually…the previous two weeks had been just…beyond anything I EVER imagined.
Meeting David Tennant. Having a photo with him and my ticket stub signed by him.
Taking my first trip to Glasgow…for a Minds gig (my second trip to Glasgow in total).
Meeting Jim for the first time in Liverpool.
Meeting him AGAIN in Bridlington. Having Catherine dedicate Rivers Of Ice to me! Posing for photos with Jim. Him putting his arm around me! Just…I could have ALREADY died happy!
And then, at Bristol…this!

Another dream come true. To have him say my name!
I just wanted to hear him say it to me! I NEVER expected him to say it in a room full of people! And then I am put on the backfoot…my head is spinning…he just said my name and now I am expected to respond to a question! The pedant in me is thinking, “This is an important question, get it right!” And the other part of me is saying, “How would I know? I have NO bloody idea! I left school when I was 14! You are ssooo asking the wrong person here! But…I love you!”
I can’t tell you how many times I have played it. Not…EVERY day…and not very often now. But today I did. A very special anniversary.
One year on, and Jim…thank you. For ever…pandering to such a silly, pathetic, sad excuse of a fangirl. It means everything. It always will.

My 2017 On Spotify

There surely must be some kind of data anomaly because I really would have expected to see Wonderful In Young Life and This Earth That You Walk Upon in the top tracks…as well as Spirited Away being in the Top 100 playlist…but, hey, there you go.

Night Scene Time Lapse Photography…

As he shares a photo of the ilk of the blurred imagery of the Sons And Fascination cover art, I am reminded of a beautiful blend of imagery I made for Someone Somewhere In Summertime. I’d share it there…but he would no doubt get pissed off…but it is one I am still particularly proud of. Incorporating a photo the OH took from a hotel room window in Melbourne in 1998, I think it captured the lyrics I chose to highlight very well. If only I could dream of getting an artwork gig.
Well, I am obviously not going to be the photographer, for starters. Lol

Eternal Hero

A wonderful friend of mine in Germany got me a copy of Rolling Stone with a Bowie special inside, and an exclusive 7” vinyl copy of “Heroes” and “Helden”. A genuine collector’s item. I am so, so happy and thankful. There are some really beautiful people in the world.

Philatelist Anorak

I may just turn Jim into one too. Lol. Given the Bowie postcards and stamps I have sent him. Well, here’s a new addition. And of course, now he’s in Sicily, writing posts thanking people for all the gifts and “stuff” they have left, it’ll appear I am “bandwagon-ing” – but I bought this earlier in the week…before it was even known he was over there.
And seeing as I’m sure he never visits this pathetic excuse for a Simple Minds blog…I’m sure it’ll be safe to reveal what I got him. He can consider it an early Christmas present! I’m sure the soon-to-be (on May 25th, 1967) eight year old Jim Kerr would have loved this. Let’s hope that inner child springs eternal in the 58 year old version.
It’s only now, sharing these pics, did I take in the significance of the date of this anniversary year. May 25th, 2017. Bridlington! Well, that will now always be a very special date for me. Perhaps not the first time I met him…but the best meeting I had with him. It’ll be with me all the rest of my days. Disown me if you must, Sir…but I will never stop thanking you, or adoring you.
I flippin pray to god you don’t already have a copy!
(The only thing I did in altering these pics was obscure the number in the run of 5000 that Jim will be getting. That’s for his eyes only!)

Paul Draper At The O2 Institute, Birmingham – Sept 23rd 2017

Well, as I am currently Ms Skinty McSkintface, it was a wonderful and unexpected thing to be invited along to this final gig on Paul’s short, but almost completely sold out tour of the Spooky Action album.
My exposure to the music of Paul Draper has come by way of collaborator extraordinaire, Catherine Anne Davies (The Anchoress). Catherine has co-written several tracks on the Spooky Action album, as well as having added instrumentation, backing vocals and additional engineering to the album. Her involvement is heavy, and the album’s credit notes reflect such.
As for Paul’s earlier canon of work with Mansun…this I am not so familiar with, but I will endeavour to take a good listen to what’s gone past. But for now, on to the gig itself!
I travelled with Alison, a lady I befriended very recently. In a crazy “small world” piece of serendipity, we got to talking outside the London Palladium on the day of the Simple Minds Acoustic gig. Alison was there primarily to see Catherine – having come to her music by way of being a fan of Mansun and Paul Draper…and I was there (of course) for both SM and Catherine. We soon discovered that we only live two miles from each other. The world can indeed be a small place!

We got to the venue early and took our place right at the front of the stage. I am never prepared to have such a view when it comes my way. I never expect to be that lucky! But it always pays to be early.
The support was Sol Croft. He has quite a folky style to him. Quiet, unassuming. Just his voice and acoustic guitar getting his music across. I do wish those who turn up to see support acts actually GIVE support, instead of talking all over their performance and giving a fake-ass round of applause when one song comes to its end. It’s such a hollow, empty gesture. You haven’t been listening, so stop it with the fake plaudits, will you?!
I gave him my undivided attention. I was there to see him, to listen to his music and judge for myself. I liked a few of his songs, and I do wish him well. It’s a tough biz to get into. Good luck to your future, Sol…may it be as bright as your name.

The venue filled up ever more as the minutes ticked by, waiting for PD and band to appear. Anticipation was palpable.
Queue Mr Draper’s entrance on stage, and for many it seemed an old friend had just turned up and the party was REALLY about to begin! Paul is quite a funny guy. Relaxed, at ease. He was recovering from a cold, but you really couldn’t tell once things got under way. His vocal performance was not lacking (that I could detect anyway).
The set started with three Mansun B-Sides. As alluded to earlier, I know almost nothing of the Mansun back catalogue, but enjoyed the songs immensely.
For me personally, things started to kick off when we got to tracks from Spooky Action, starting with Feeling My Heart Run Slow. Followed by the only Mansun song I am vaguely familiar with, Disgusting – having watched the crowd sing along to it at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut the previous weekend. (Glaswegians really know how to sing along well!)
It was “stool time”, as Paul described it…which was wonderfully coincidental as he was wearing a jacket through the set, over his Spooky Action shirt. The jacket kept obscuring certain letters, hence the result below…

We were then onto what are fast becoming my faves on the album, Friends Make The Worst Enemies, Grey House and Who’s Wearing The Trousers.
The band was tight and sounding fabulous!
There were two encores. The Mansun fan favourite (along with Disgusting), Wide Open Space – that made Alison endlessly happy – was the first.
The second was a KILLER performance of Don’t Poke The Bear. What a way to end a set!!!

An absolutely awesome gig. I confess to have only listened to Spooky Action twice before the gig, but it will be on a more solid rotation of play as a result.
Thanks to Alison for the company and the great night. And thank you to Paul for the great gig and to Catherine in particular for being one amazing talent and…dare I suggest it…friend. I love you to the moon and back!
If you missed out going to these gigs…get your tickets for the larger scale tour happening early next year…you won’t be disappointed!