Burning Both Ends – Ollie And Moonie

I’m still regularly checking out BBC Radio for drama. Radio plays and book readings, etc.
Earlier in the week, I listened to this on…well, what is now BBC Sounds app (I’m still using the iPlayer radio app at the moment).
“Burning Both Ends: When Oliver Reed Met Keith Moon”. Originally broadcast in 2011, it had recently been repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra.
I enjoyed it and thought I’d highlight it. Check it out. Just click on the image to go to the page to listen to it.

It Just Goes On…

Watching live clips on YouTube. I think early Roxy really is going to be the love. I saw this clip in amongst them and I thought…”Well, I do love this track on the album…let’s see how an older Bryan deals with it.” Surprised in the first place to even see him do such early stuff so late on. I just assumed he’d leave the very early Roxy stuff behind.
WOW! It blew my fucking socks off! 2011 and just…it’s perfection!
Jim, I get it. I really, really get it now. I keep saying it…but I do.
I HAVE MISSED SSOOO MUCH! Geez…it feels like the story of my life.
Regrets? Well, I thought I only had a few…but they seem to be growing exponentially now…