10 Years Ago – No Regrets?

Well, you’re not meant to have any regrets in life. And of course, I did try to get “into” SM fully in 2006…but here I am in 2009 professing my love for OUAT and well, if only I tried building on that again.
I’d have been around for the release of Graffiti Soul and Lostboy! and for the 5×5 tour and OMG! Just…
But a wise friend told me not to think on what I have missed, but what I had experienced since actually becoming the SM fan I am now. I mean…just yesterday…fulfilling the dream of taking the first step in learning to play the drums…and look who my teacher is?! Wow! Amazing!
So…no regrets, eh? Oh…but I’m still wishing for that TARDIS, at least to take me back to experience just ONE 5×5 gig!

Mad Fans!

“And then she tugged at my jacket sleeve! So I stopped and she just…threw this bag at me.” Sorry, Sir…
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Glasgow Graffiti Soul Boy

Oh, Getty Images…you spoil us once again! Mr Kerr, you are beautiful. I really don’t care any more if it repels you to have me say that. It’s an affliction I am now unlikely to “get over”. Over three years in…it’s much too late. Never mind.
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Jim Kerr – Urinator To The Sharks!

“He used to piss on sharks” – as an article sub-header, that’s pure gold! Lol. Silly boy though…he could have had SUCH a mishap, really. “I wouldn’t recommend it”, he says. Really, Jim? Lucky you still have your “ding-a-ling”, I reckon! Maybe he used it as a truncheon before pissing on it? Knock the poor shark out first? Lol
Wonder if it was a wobbegong? Lol. That’s an even better header, “I pissed on a wobbegong with my ding-a-ling”! Lol. I can’t help myself. I really DO NOT need any encouragement to find extra innuendo in things.