Quit Dreaming…Part Two

A FULL amateur filmed gig from 1991 in Munich has appeared on YouTube. I only stumbled upon it late last night so I haven’t watched much of it. Enough of it to see he was in full scissor kick glory that night – two of them in the space of three minutes. Which then obviously led to a ‘trooser malfunction’ for at around nine minutes he appears to do up his flies. Then he has a problem with his mic and has to wait a bit while they rush to replace it. That’s kind of as far as I got. But from what I saw, considering it is from 1991 and either recorded onto Mini DV or Super 8 and the person is quite a way back in the crowd, it’s looking pretty good!

Easter weekend TARDIS ride. You’re welcome 😊 Thanks to “Schnuckelpferd” for uploading.

Simple Minds On Arsenio Hall Show 1991

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN5nBEdOYZ4?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=375]

Simple Minds performing See The Lights and Don’t You (Forget About Me) on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1991. Jim, with an open shirt and nice scissor kick during the “Don’t You” performance – which is actually quite short and punchy (I like it! Have heard worse versions of it!). All good!