Telly Tomorra

One last plug here. Well, it *is* my blog after all.
Fifteen To One, Channel 4 – starting tomorrow and on Thursday and Friday (May 22nd, 23rd, 24th) at 3pm BST – I’M ON THE TELLY quizzing, like. Check it oot, if you’re around.
As you can see from the pic on day one, I was bloody tired, hence the red eyes. Good make up job though. The make up artist who was making me look human knows Wendy Forbes.
It’s a small world…

Glasgow Last November – 15 to 1

Last year’s trip to Glasgow was for me to appear on quiz show Fifteen To One. My shows are finally due to air as of Wednesday. 
And so, despite how it appeared…that I was going up to Glasgow on a doughnut date with Jim (God, I bloody wish! NEVER gonna happen!), there was something more…monumental going on. Me, fulfilling one of my quiz dreams by finally plucking up the courage to get my butt on TV and try to become a quiz champion.
You can see how I go as of Wednesday.