Postal Paintings…

These two will be going off to their respective new homes in the next couple of days.
Not sure I’ll ever get any idea of photo print prices from Virginia Turbett now…having rather crazily offered the painting up to her. I do like to make myself appear a loon of the highest order! But…it was just that it was…a piece of me, you could say.
It was a stupid and ridiculously sentimental thing to do. But, I guess I was just feeling very vulnerable. I don’t know. It was just all coming from the heart…and it probably just came across as deranged or some such.
Anyways, they are off to loving homes and…I just don’t know what to do next. Another of Jim?
Birds? Got plenty of metallic blue paint left! Kingfishers, jays and kookaburras (also part of the kingfisher family, for those who did not know) abound! If you can the think of any other iridescent blue tinged birds, drop me a line…

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