Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Aberdeen, April 21st, 1979

A Saturday night in Aberdeen…why not?! The blurb on the upload says it would be too early for Scar and Here Comes The Fool to be performed…but I don’t know why Tony would think that as when I look at Dream Giver, both are said to be on the setlist for the Life In A Day tour – which started out in March, 1979. I am still learning though, so perhaps Tony is right, and maybe it’s not even the correct date for this gig…and this “whirliGIG” for this week will be erroneous? I’m not going to be so pedantic as to leave it out as a result.
Anyways…the sound quality is….acceptable, given it’s a bootleg and the number of times it must have passed hands and been taped and taped again. Copies of copies, etc.
Enjoy another early Minds trip.

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