Only The Inspirational

Jim’s words within his post today (upon seeing Radiohead last night in Glasgow).
Ah, well…that’s me out the window, then! To surround yourself with people and things that inspire? How would I ever fit that bill? I won’t. I am so full of self-doubt, I’m amazed he even gives me the time of day in the capacity he does.
He inspires me no end.
I wish I had the talent (or believe I could conjure it up) enough to just…amaze him. For him to want to be in MY presence as much as I constantly crave to be in his.
And so, I will work at it. I will work at my art. I will strive to improve…or at least be the best version of me as an artist as I can be. 
Create with the digital side, and the “hands on” painting. Straddle those two differing and conflicting worlds (at least in my own artistic endeavours). 
As the Stone Roses song title goes “I Want To Be Adored”…but only by one.
I don’t want to be a Jackson Pollock…

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