Birds or Fish?!

This morning I had made my mind up on this – or so I thought! 
As I drifted in and out of sleep through the night, I had decided on two macaws (one scarlet, one blue) and a toucan…all in flight. 
I was about to post that on FB when I see a comment left on the “primer” post from my friend Deb saying, “I see fish”. 
And bloody bugger me! So could I! Beautiful, swirling koi carp. And I have that beautiful iridescent red paint and the copper one I painted Olly’s eyes with.
Now, the problem is is, I’ve not done fish! Apart from drawing that very basic fish shape (you know the one I mean – long cone like shape, triangle at the end), I’ve not tried drawing one, properly, ever!
Okay, not done macaws or toucans either, but they’re at least birds and I am in slightly more familiar territory.
But…I do see koi on this canvas. 
So am I about to head away from the one thing I bought this oversized canvas for? Am I about to paint something OTHER than birds again?????!
I can see them there. In my mind’s eye, I see this canvas with several koi on it – in a loose swirl pattern. Them looking so beautifully iridescent with those red and copper paints I have…with smatterings of pearl black. 
Gorgeous “shubinkin” swirled koi.

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