Two More To Listen To

Tracks from Simple Minds Acoustic appear to be on “trickle” release. Two more dropped today. Chelsea Girl (that final “Chelsea Girl”, sir! My ovaries rumbled! Lol. One can only imagine your baws were lowered into a bucket of ice for your voice to get that low? Lol) and Don’t You (Forget About Me). Now, there must be at least 20 different versions of DYFAM whirling around now (either recorded by SM themselves, or by others with Jim doing the vocals for them). I never thought I could ever get my interest and appreciation for the song rekindled – but, blow me down with a feather! They’ve only gone and bloody done it! And listen right to the end and you’ll hear who I THINK is Cherisse Osei (their current percussionist) have a few words at the end. A fun little thing!
Both tracks can be heard on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube:

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