Singling Out Jim (Again)

With my THIRD copy of the Someone Somewhere In Summertime 7 inch vinyl with fold out poster sleeve, I thought I would just cut Jim out (I know! I’m evil! All the rest of the boys are in the other framed copy – and it was Jamie Morgan who blurred out Charlie in that one, not me!) and have him on the wall in my bedroom. I know! How old am I?! Oh, but why the hell not! Just LOOK AT HIM! 
Anyways…I thought We’d have some blu-tack around so I could just stick him to the wardrobe door, or on the wall somewhere, but no. No blu-tack. And no frame that will fit either. So temporary hanging measures have been taken! Necessity – the mother of invention! (Not that it is necessary to have a poster of Jim Kerr on your bedroom wall. WHAT AM I SAYING?! WASH MY MOUTH OUT! Lol.)

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