The Book…

Holy hell this Adam Sweeting book is GOOD! I am LOVING this. We agree on most things, so far, in reference to his reviews of the albums and songs…
But just hang on a cotton-picking minute! How the fuck does Constantinople Line sound like Numan?! Piss off, Sweeting! Lol. I was liking you! Ok, my reaction may be somewhat…overzealous…but NO! I like Numan’s music at that time…and it was obvious by your words on them touring with him, you weren’t a fan. Pretty much calling him a two-bit Bowie wannabe! So don’t then be comparing Constantinople Line to a Numan sound! FUCK YOU, BUDDY! Lol
Here’s what *I* think of Constantinople Line…just for clarity.
Why I Love…Constantinople Line
And I love the demo version just as much. It’s been stuck in my head today.
But, having had my little spit there, on the whole, the book is being a most enjoyable read. 
Erm…and I still want to be Jim’s *girl* – to put it nicely. Oh, why did I have to be nine years old in 1979 and living half a damn world away?! 

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