Lyric Of The Day – Dead Vandals

Actually a Johnny And The Self Abusers track (pre- Simple Minds). Lyrics deciphered myself so may not be correct, but this is what I hear, so I hope I’m right. If anyone knows otherwise (Jim? If you have ever come to this trashy, sycophantic blog. Lol), please feel free to correct me!
Lyric of the day
Song: Dead Vandals
Album: Single release only
Year of release: 1977
Written by: Kerr/Burchill/McNeil/Donald/McGee/Milarky
(An error for Charlie’s surname exists and the credits actually go to “Burchall”  – this subsequently happened to Mick MacNeil, in particular, quite a bit :-/ In this particular instance, the McNeil mentioned is Abuser member Alan McNeil.)

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