Lyric Of The Day – Lightning

Lyric of the day
Song: Lightning
Album: Neapolis
Year of release: 1998
Written by: Kerr/Burchill
I’m always learning….every day.
I am not quite as familiar with this song as I am others. I always thought it was a very sexy song….a song about desire….well, it kind of is, but not the desire for sex or lust, it seems!
Checking the lyrics on the wonderful Dream Giver Redux site, I saw that the song is actually a political song…about an arms dealer!
Amazing how we can interperet songs in our own way. This is why I love to study the music I love. I spent YEARS studying Bowie songs…and now I’m doing it with Simple Minds.
I learn new stuff every day…and I always seem to fall a little more in love with Jim each day too. It really isn’t purely a physical thing. I’m as much in love with his brain as I am his beauty :-))

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