You know…I really do think he’s falling in love with me (IN MY DREAMS) ;-))

I’m right here, Jim. Ready when you are 💋

Methinks theres definitely a liking there. He specifically picks yours out 😉
I find this fascinating. I bet you he has eyes everywhere on the net.. teeehhee

Damn Tumblr! I never saw your reply! Grrr!

I can but dream…but also…OMG…if he’s EVER seen my Tumblr!!

I’d be kicked off the SM FB page for sure!! Stalker material! Lol

Nooo. Id think hed actually be flattered, honestly. You fangirl with fun, cool, clever style and you still adore the music first n foremost.

Aaww! I love your words re: my fangirling :-)) It *was* about the music first, yup! And, if I ever get over Jim (the men that have been strewn along the way! Lol)…I’ll forever be a UBER Minds fan :-))

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